Slow week after the crazy PAX week. Mainly because of all the planning that needs to be done so that we meet the senior showcase deadline.
Tether Effect
I began working on the tether effect after it was put on hold for the last few weeks. I started the effect with a line renderer, because it seemed rather straight forward. I wrote a script that would draw the line from point A to point B, and then threw together a quick scrolling shader to show the effects direction. What I learned once that was in, was that the color property of the line renderer didn’t work in tandem with arrow material and shader I made. This throws a wrench into my work. I thought I could have a tiled material (the arrows, or any other design) start at full opacity and fade out at a specific point. That would allow the tether to sort of pull towards the other player or the circle. Right now my plan is to put a bit more time into the line renderer, and if nothing comes of it, I might either try to make my own mesh effect or a particle that can point in a direction.
Second Look at Effects
Tyler came to me and requested that I add some ‘pop’ to the hologram effect. “Players need to know exactly when they aren’t in control”. I’m starting to plan it out now, but I think the ‘pop’ could simply come in the form of an expanding ring near the point of falling and some minor poof / timeline effect to show it off. This will be my job for next week, as well as take a look at the list of effects that need updates and need to be added that Gabe made.
What went well
The team is working out some issues we had with running the PAX panel, and it has become a good learning experience. We’re also all re-focused on the tasks at hand and will continue working towards senior showcase.
What could have gone better
The line renderer could have gone smoother for me. I really thought that I was on to something, but it’s lead me in circles. I might be searching in the wrong places for what I want. Additionally, the Mac inputs were put on the backburner by the tech team, so I actually might ask Tyler if I can do it. That way I can start testing the effects in game.
Hours (8hr)
Tether Effect (5hr)
Death ‘pop’ (1hr)
Meetings (2hr)

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