This week was rough. And by rough I mean, I did a lot of particles. It makes the game moments feel a lot better, which is always a plus! So I’d say it was well worth it.
“The Circle” as we’re calling it now, received a lot of critiques and planning for the particles. At this stage, what I have can be considered first pass, because they work well enough to get the point across.
Player UI
I added a falling pop-up UI to the player to act as a call for help. It’s to tell other players and the user that they are currently falling due to lack of ground
Outline Models
They are on hold for this week, because GDC pitch is much more important.
What went well?
Particles as a whole went well. They are in and look good!
What could have gone better?
This PPJ for starters. I’m sort of rushing it to get back to working.
Hours (24 hrs)
– Particles (13 hrs)
– UI (1 hr)
– Meetings (10 hrs)

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