Thanks a lot Thanksgiving, I got no work done! That’s not entirely true… I showed my brother the game and he figured it out pretty quickly. He was surprised at how much it changed since the first few weeks and he can’t wait to see how it changes in the coming months!
Models – Phase III
This week was phase 3 of modeling. I took another pass at tree 01, 02 and 03, adding in what Amy calls “Ice cream” plumps for leaves. They received good criticism at the Art meeting, and I’m very pleased with how they turned out. The next step will be taking them into the Unity scene and playing with them there.
Particles with a Purpose
In addition to models, I began working on particle effects. I created a rough idea of what the build effect will be based off of Gabe’s design from a few weeks ago. The initial test worked well, but then I struggled a bit to translate it into a working form in-game.

What went well
Modeling was easy and I was able to achieve a look that everyone liked, including myself
What could have gone better
Particles were difficult. The first pass where I’m just copying the concept art was straight forward, but translating it into the game was tough. For the longest time I was struggling to find out why my particles weren’t rotating with the direction of the shot. After looking through several tutorials and forums I found out that Unity 2017 has a Align to Direction check box in Shape that does the trick. Checking this box and the 3D Start Rotation box in the Particle System gets the particles to follow the direction. Rendering the lines behind the shot were also difficult. Right now it utilizes the trail renderer, but it bugs out at times and overlaps, ruining visibility.
Hours (14 hours)
Modeling (3 hrs)
Particles (8 hrs)
Meetings (3 hrs)

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