A nice week to take it easy. With the playtest and refocus of the team away from GDC, I took the time to finally put my modular outline kit to the test. To do it, I went back to the concept drawings I used to make the pieces in the first place around Fall PPJ 07. Below are the sketches and the models I put together:

Overall I’m pleased with how they turned out. The pieces fit together very well and do a nice job with establishing the world we want to build. The vert count is also way down, which is great for optimization. After building with them, I can tell that I missed a few types of models that would be helpful in construction, but adding things won’t be an issue. My next task with the outline models is to design the actual outline for the current map we have. That way, we’ll know how the map will feel without the cylinders and with thematic pieces. After that I’ll be texturing them with photoshop and substance! Cool stuff on the way

Particles and FX
Additionally, on the way are changes to the game feel. What happens when I score x points? How can we tell players they’ve reached one of the 3 point buffers? That kind of thing. This week it was touched upon, but nothing was set in stone. I envision that next week will be more focused on what needs to be completed.

What went well?
Outline models look good and the rest of the team agrees. I even got a few wows from the group (Woo!). They’re fun to use, and I’m excited to see where I can take them
What could have gone better?
Maybe I could have played with the modular parts a bit more, or found time to add in the other ones I might need.
Hours (12 hrs)
Building with Modular Kit (6 hrs)
Particle/Shader Planning (1 hrs)
Meetings (5 hrs)

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