Implementation week! 
After our design overhaul last week, we cracked down on getting the changes in place. I handled the mechanic for picking up and gaining a flag, Cole took on making the flags count towards the overall score and changing flag colors for the teams, and Tyler added minor buffs to the hill holder and players. It’s all working out and coming together. This week was much better for me than last week. I have some work to show for it, and there were a lot less meetings. I liked this week the most so far because we had a change, Tech team took it on, and we ended with a playtest for just the team (which hasn’t happened in a long time).
Aside from programming the flag collect, I have also been sketching up some designs I like for the Lobby / Loading Screen / Main Menu city. It’s not overly important for the Alpha stages of the project, but it keeps me busy and producing work for the project in my free time. I really want it to go forward. I think that it would make an awesome addition to our game and make it feel more alive and inviting.
Main Menu: A simple “Press Start to Play” in the center with gameplay / scenic camera zooms through out the maps or a city
Character Select / Loading Screen: A place where the players have the chance to goof around and play with their characters and learn the moves. It’ll replace any tutorials and help the game move along.
What went right:
I was able to finish my work on time, allowing Tech to complete the basic gameplay loop by the weekend. We have a solid foundation that we can tweak in the coming week. I also finished some more sketches for city design, which are alright, but I want to do a greater variety to figure out a good direction.
What could have gone better:
I wish I could have done more to help out Tyler with the game loop. At our tech meeting Tyler asked me if I could make a revive state for the players where they have a second to be saved before they fell. I was willing to do it, but as Tyler explained how to do it, Cole and I said that if he knows what to do, then maybe he should do it. It’s done now, but I wish I did say I could do it just to help him out a bit.
Hours (11 hrs):
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (3hrs)
Design Meeting (2hrs)
Flag Collect (2hrs)
Design Sketches (3hrs)
Team Meeting (1hr)

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