Our big week! Finally we would have a chance to show off all our progress Fall term to the faculty! The only issue is that we botched it and presented in a way that left much to be desired.
What game is this again?
The way we presented wasn’t bad, it’s just that we got too caught up in the idea that everyone knew what the game was about. Monday night before the presentation we all got together to record some gameplay gifs and iron out the slides. Jess was working on updating the trailer, and the rest of us went through a list of key moments in the game we wanted to record and highlight. We envisioned that through explaining the little part and mechanics of the game, that when we finally showed the final product’s gameplay it would make sense. It didn’t. Paul Diefenbach and Graham Clark asked the bulk of the questions. Diefenbach seemed stuck on certain mechanics like reviving teammates and the building itself, while Graham asked the same L-systems question from our pitch presentation. There was some issue surrounding the player designs, mainly how the horn shapes could be confused. Jichen also pointed out that the game still feels like shooting each other, a feeling we wanted to avoid with ‘BuildShot’.
After we finished presenting, I felt as though we had finished strong and were in a good place but, not everyone thought so. We had a quick meeting with Jichen after class and collectively came to the conclusion that we don’t know what our game is, or what it’s about. Arden’s catchy Shaping a Shared Space, wasn’t working in our favor. Not only that, but our game is still called BuildShot. For over an hour, we had tried coming up with a name to fit our game but between the confusing name Crescive (That took me several attempts at spelling) or the even more confusing Rhizome, we were lost. Over winter break we need to really look into what makes our game unique and re-evaluate our marketing strategy. I, for one, agree with Jichen that our name needs to be representative of what our players do in the game. I want people to read the title and go “Oh in BuildShot, I have a shot that builds land”. Or something to that extent…
Final Pass 01
In addition to re-evaluating our progress, I re-evaluated my trees. I went back this week for final pass 01 on the level models. This entailed cleaning edges, simplifying meshes, pulling verts around… Overall just touching them up before we dive into UV-ing and texturing over the break and into the winter term.
Outside Models
This week I also learned that my priority was shifting over the break. I will no longer be tasked with designing the loading screen and character screen. Instead, I will be focusing on the main scene. The reason for this is because we want to be as polished as we possibly can in the main scene for winter term. This I totally understand, but I’m still pretty bummed about it. I was really looking forward to it this break 
Rather than work on that, I was instead tasked with working on the Outside models. By this I mean that I am tasked with concepting and modeling things that will populate the outside of the level. When I worked in my own scene to populate a level, I quickly realized that, as of right now, we don’t have a large variety of assets to fill the scene. That’s why I made the point that through introducing new assets, it won’t feel repetitive or limited. The scene we are trying to sell is based on an abandon civilization where our characters used to live, so I put out the idea that on the edge of the map would be buildings, similar to ones that would be seen in the loading screen and character screen. This way, there would be some connection to the locations and it wouldn’t feel like a random place in some forest.
What Went Well
I have my schedule filled out for the break, and I’m excited to concept and model some things for the main scene.
What Could Have Gone Better
Our presentation could have been better. If we had a better grasp on what our game was, and we knew how to sell the idea better, I’m sure it would have gone better. I’m also bummed about putting the character and loading scenes on hold, but it’s for the best.
Hours (10 hrs)
Final Presentation Prep (3 hr)
Final Model Pass 01 (2 hr)
Meetings (5 hr)

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