New things are going to happen with the shift over to the summer. With the Drexel deadlines for Groundless satisfied, the game's production will shift over to a 2-week sprint cycle. That means updates on my blog will be coming every other week on the game, not every week like they used to be. Additionally, the updates will come on Wednesdays and not Mondays. I'll still blog about all the progress I make on it though, so stay tuned!

Another change is Tech Tuesdays. I can finally come back to my Tech Tuesdays and work on my own stuff for a while. That means new projects! Groundless has taken a turn to more optimization, I want to take on a side project that follows a similar path. For my tuesdays, I will be looking into Imposters, LOD Systems and billboarding for game scenes. Having a system like this would reduce the number of polygons in the scene, reduce drawcalls and increase the overall frame rate!​​​​​​​
Jess added a bunch of new images to the PXL cork board

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