The Break
The holiday season, and the end of 2017, was a grand old time. I was able to spend some time off and was still able to do some work within the comfort of my home next to a fire with a cup of hot cocoa. I worked primarily on populating the list for outline models, researching particles, and UVing my final pass trees for Gabe to texture.
Outline models have been going well. The whole idea behind them is to create a modular tool kit of building pieces that can easily be thrown together to populate the surrounding area of the map. I have it in my plan to finish the first pass by the end of winter break and have them up for review with the art team when we return to class.
Particle research is going well too. I’m compiling a list of particles that we will need for the finished game and some tutorials on how to do such effects. I am taking a tech art focused lead on particles in Winter term.
Tree UVs
Finally the UVs are finished for the trees and I’ve gotten them to Gabe for texturing.
What went well?
Modeling and UVing has gone well so far
What could have gone better?
Particles could use some more work
Total Hours(15hrs):
– Meetings (5hrs)
– Particles (1hrs)
– UVs (3hrs)
– Modeling (6hrs)

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