A slow week for sure. Last week had so many developments and submissions, and this week felt like it came to a halt for me. I wasn’t working on particles, I wasn’t working on models, I was just doing meetings and working for the presentation on Tuesday.
My One Task
This week the only thing outside of presentations and meetings I did was played with placeholder assets in the scene. I started populating the level with things, and had a decent time doing it. The main issue that popped up was that there felt like a large lack in variety of placeholders (but they are placeholders so it’s alright for now), and the fact that the scaling was all over the place with the models. Gillian pointed out that Tyler needed to scale up her character 5x, so the scene itself might just be too big. Over the winter break we are going to do a lot of clean up with the scenes and code. Looking forward to it. Here is the scene I threw together that wasn’t used because Gabe's scene was chosen over mine.
My name is…
Buildshot isn’t a great name. I mean it explains sort of what the player does in the game (they build when when shoot), but it doesn’t sell the feel of the game that we want. Buildshot just sounds like a temporary name. At our group meeting we went through a long process of thinking of ideas and using a Round Robin style of voting to determine what people liked the most. We went through 4 rounds of narrowing it down and by the end it was just about 50-50. This means that there was a schism in the team, and we definitely couldn’t move ahead in confidence on a title. We agreed that we’d hold off on it for now, because we all want to be on the same boat with the title of the game.
Overall the title needs:
– To be catchy
– Not some vague Latin word
– Something people read and get an understanding of what the game will be
– No cheesy or cliché alliterations
What went well
Particle research was interesting. I found some interesting things to take forward over the break. I started placing models in scene this week that was fun. But…
What could have gone better
… it wasn’t used for anything. It just became practice I guess. As I mentioned, this week was slow for me. It was a very meeting heavy week for us. With finals going on, I was swamped anyway, so, it’s not like I would have had a lot of time to do work for Senior Project. Oh well, this next week will be much better for me with time.
Hours (12 hrs)
Placeholder Scene (4 hrs)
Particle Research (2 hrs)
Meetings (6 hrs)
– Tech (1)
– Art (3)
– Other (2)

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