I’ve done it! Additionally, I think this was a very productive week
Hologram Death Shader
The new death is no longer a T posed player, but a copy of the animation when the player falls off the edge. It took so long to figure out how to copy the mesh and instantiate it properly but I’ve got it! It looks great, but it still needs some tweaks. Tweaks like fixing the offset and scale of the Hair and Mask meshes. They are off because of the transforms they receive in the character’s grouping structure. The clothes and skin are fine, due to the fact that they have no extra offsets. Another change that needs to be made is the fact that when a player falls the hologram doesn’t shout “Revive me” to their teammates. It just says “Hey I died here”.
Summoning Circle Tier Changes
Gabe and Tyler talked about visual changes to the circle and they introduced their Tiers system. I began implementing a few of those changes, mainly for clarity on the circle. Now for zero on, a temp image of a flower is present to tell players that they need to collect flowers. Additionally, I’ve removed the insignias from the one on and two on states.

What Went Well
The shader is in and works well. I’m glad I’ve figured it out
What Could Have Gone Better
I guess I could have figured the mesh copying out sooner, but it is what it is.
Hours (19 hrs)
Hologram Shader (10 hr)
Summoning Circle Tier Edits (3 hr)
Meetings (3 hr)
Event Planning (2hr)
Playtest (1hr)

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