New term, same break fatigue. It took me all week to get out of my break mode and into my student mode. As a result, UVs were moved from Friday to Saturday and the textures weren’t done this week. It’s not a major issue. It just means that I need to do them at the start of this following week to that they’re in the build for Arden to place by the playtest. Here’s an update on the work accomplished:
Outline UVs
All done! Here’s just a preview of the ArchEnd_01_10x10, and all of the models in scene
Outline Textures
Delayed a few days because I goofed up. It won’t take long. The first pass will just be as simple as just 2 colors per model. I’ll have them done early in the week so that I can throw some things together for Arden to play with in the scene.
Primary Moment Effects
We laid out what effects we need in the game for the big moments to read well. We want the players to feel good when they accomplish things like scoring points and reviving teammates. This week I began looking into potential paths we could take for the moments:
1. A player falling
2. A player falling with points
3. Being reviving
4. Being revived when you have points
The biggest thing here is how players feel when they are knocked off. We want players with points, as well as those in the game, to feel the gravity of deaths. What was discussed for the future is that when a player falls off the edge, they will have some sort of marker appear above their head. Whether it be an exclamation point ‘!’ or some other marker, it will grow in urgency / color/ size with the amount of points carried. Additionally, when a player is revived, we want to have something minimal. Something like a flashing shader on the player’s character for a short while as well as a gratifying noise that plays as a “Good Job” to the teammate who helped.
What went well
All of the outline models are UVed and the primary moments are being decided this week and next week. Always nice to add a bit of necessary juice to help the players read the game well.
What could have gone better
My time management was all out of whack the first few days of term. If I had been on my game, then the first pass textures would have been started.
Hours (Total 16hrs)
Outline UVs (8hrs)
Fall/Revive planning (2hrs)
Meetings (6hrs)

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