Submitted the rest of my finals, and finally got a chance to take a bit of a break. This week was slow for concepts and modeling, but I have a good idea of where I’m heading.
Outline Models
My task this week was to start the first pass on final models for the environment and start looking into outline models. I’m very excited with the outline models this week because we get to expand on the idea that the level itself is an abandoned city that our characters are returning to for the energy it holds. Outline model concepts focused on a futuristic city vibe, with a big emphasis on the plant life. The architecture itself includes arches, stacked structures, and a lot of open spaces that allow light into the home. The concepts represent a city that is still put together, but I plan on adding more overgrowth and ruin to it as it is implemented. References that I found useful with the Solarpunk theme we are aiming for was actually Destiny. The Tower and some of the buildings in the game mirror what we are aiming for with the game.
Curved Wall Re-design
As for models, I have multiple versions of the stone block and stone corner pieces completed.
What went well
Concepts are working out, and I started modeling the final models and outline assets
What could have gone better
I forgot to do my particle research this week. Not really forgot, just didn’t do as in depth of a study as I really wanted to do. I have some ideas floating around my head for next week.
Hours (11 hours)
Concepts (3 hours)
Models (5 hours)
Meetings (3 hours)

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