The new summoning circle is in! No more bad low poly ring effect for our main objective. It still has plenty of room for improvement, but it’s at a good place.
Summoning Circle
Here are three of the forms for the circle: neutral, blue control, red control
Respawn Particle
When a player dies and respawns, a beam of green light shoots up into the air. This is to help players find themselves after they’ve fallen. Additionally, we want this effect to play when the player is revived too. That way it eliminates the confusion of where a player spawns after they are knocked off. Most of the time, players don’t realize that they’ve been revived because they don’t know where to look. This will be in by next week.

We also had a playtest on Sunday to get a weekend crowd, and to line it up with the accepted student’s day. We got a pretty good mix, and some playtesters came back towards the end of the session to give it a second play. A few of the accepted students played the game and it was an awesome feeling. I barely remember coming in for my accepted students day, and if I had playtested a senior project when I came, I probably would have remembered it better. What I mean to say is, the fact that we gave these students a glimpse at what their future could be felt amazing, and I’m sure they won’t forget it. I’m incredibly happy and motivated that Groundless could be that project other students look up to as they plan the next steps of their lives.
What went well
The playtest was a success and the new summoning circle has received rave reviews
What could have gone better
I got sick and it made it hard for me to make meetings and get some of my work done. I might have gotten a bit more done if it wasn’t for my illness. As of right now, I still have the cough but feel a bit better. Hopefully I can shake it in the next few days. It’s draining
Hours (12 hrs)
Meetings (3 hrs)
Respawn Particle (1 hr)
Summoning Circle (5 hrs)
Playtest (3 hrs)

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