So ends another chapter for the crew at Root121. It's a bitter sweet moment to be honest. Yes we are finished with our senior project presentation for Groundless, and Yes we have our build called Pre-release, but at the same time I'm not sure how much time I have left with the students I've come to call close friends. 
It weird to think that 35 weeks ago, Groundless was just a mock-up with cubes and spheres. IT WAS PROGRAMMER ART! Despite the limitations though, it was still lots of fun. It was a damn good mock-up! The early days of "Project BuildShot" will be days I will always cherish. I think it's because of how creating a game made me feel. The path before me was not entirely clear, and it was forged by a simple drive to make something unique and fun. 
I think Groundless is far from being finished, and I'm excited to see where the team takes it. By team I mean who ever is around to work on it after graduation. It's fuzzy who will be around and who won't, but one thing we know for sure is that Groundless will make it to Microsoft and the Xbox platform. Oh and Steam. We don't want all of our efforts to be for nothing. We love this game and know that others out there will feel the same way. Currently the team members have all gone off in their separate ways to relax a bit. I'm relaxing too, but I'm not shutting down completely. Next week I'll bring back my Tech Tuesdays so that I'm not incredibly rusty when we get back into the swing of things.
All in all, Groundless was an amazing experience to be a part of with the friends at Root121. It was the ultimate cap stone project for my time here at Drexel, and I couldn't have done it without my fellow Roots!

Graduation Day

Below are some pictures from the Drexel Senior DIGM Showcase on June 13th. It includes our booth, us on stage, and a couple of group photos of the team. The fourth image includes the fake Xbox case I made a few weeks back. The team loved it! The last image includes our advisor Dr. Jichen Zhu

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