Wow! What a week. Unlike last week, everything I did felt like I was taking strides in the right direction. Not just me, but everyone!

Game Loop:
This week I worked closely with Tyler and Cole to finish up the features we had planned to finish from last week. I worked with flag collection and the temporary flag and point UI that follows the player around the scene. Combine with the hill, and point scoring, we are feature complete for our Alpha deadline! Now all that’s left is minor tweaks to the game mode and filling out some parts of the game loop we passed over to achieve playtests by the weekend.
Arden said he needed some help with playtests, and pretty much the entire team showed up to help out. I was mainly there to draw out some of the basic game loop on the whiteboard and draw out the 4-button controller scheme. I also took notes on the playtester playing when Cole stepped out. This was the first playtest I attended and it was a pretty exciting experience.
Technical, With a Dash of Art:
Now that the game is just about feature complete, I put on an artist hat this week and attended an Art meeting. This coming week I will be tasked with modeling some placeholder objects for the scene. It’s time to take a step away from the current grey box and make a more welcoming scene that will start looking like our end goal. I will be modeling greenery: trees, shrubs, and mushrooms. I also volunteered to start looking into particle effects for the scene. I’ll start playing with those soon.

Arden Zohar, Photography Service:
I also got a new picture that I use for everything now. Thanks Arden (And Jess for the touch-ups)!
What Went Well:
This week was a good week. I mentioned that the last two weeks were a bit of a drag, just talking about what we were planning on doing. This week was a complete 180! Actually implementing and testing the mechanics was a blast. I’m also very excited to be more a part of the art team for a bit too. I’ve been itching to model some things.
What Could Have Gone Better:
Nothing really. This was a productive week and I got a good amount done
Hours (13hrs):
Playtest: 3hrs
Flag Mechanic: 2hrs
Starting particles: 2hrs
Art / Modeling Meeting: 3hrs
Group Meeting: 2hrs

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