A slower week for sure. It was hard to get work done with the shaders mainly because it’s just playing around with it at this point.
My tasks this week were to work on the color lerping functionality of the summoning circle, and the revive hologram shader for when a player falls. I started writing something for the color lerping. Right now it’s all just in one shader and has the ability to change with 2 sliders: Team Color (Red to Blue), Neutral Color (Red or Blue to White).
In addition to that, I was tasked with working on the hologram shader for reviving. This would give a fallen player’s teammate the understanding of where to aim their shot in order to revive. It also generally works as a way to know where people fell. It’s been a struggle because I’m trying to learn Amplify Shader while I do this, and there is minimal help on forums if I need it. My biggest struggle has been combining transparency and an outline. When ever I do this, the transparent section of the shader fills with that outline color. For the time being, I’ve just duplicated the model and gave the second one an outline only shader.
What went well
The summoning circle is doing alright, making progress on it
What could have gone better
This hologram shader + outline business is a pain. I feel like I’m wasting my time on it
Total Hours (14hrs)
Meetings (3hrs)
Summoning Circle (1hrs)
Revive Shader (10hrs)

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