Busy week of pretty much just playing the game. After finishing all of the particles for the GDC pitch build, I was able to just focus on playing the demo. Our goal at the pitch was to have a 1.5 minutes of our 5 minute pitch to play a scripted version of the game to highlight our mechanic. It went through several changes over the week, but in the end became much simpler and easier for us, the demo team, to line up with Tyler’s points.
This week we received feedback on our presentation that it was visual overload. To remedy this, we took out some of our slides with gameplay gifs and replaced it with diagrams. In the end they were much easier to read, and easier for Arden to explain the core gameplay during the presentation.
The Pitch
It was very stressful leading up to the presentation, and I felt like a nervous wreck right up to the point it was our turn to present. Once we were up there and Gabe introduced us, my nerves faded. Gabe, Jess and Arden talking about our game gave me confidence in our product, and I was excited to demo after them. Despite the minor goof with the HDMI / Display port that lasted 30 seconds, we finished right at the 5 minute mark. Our demo worked perfectly at 1:00, and we had a team win the game at the very end, just as planned. During the Q&A, we were ready for any questions thrown at us. Tyler got his tech question about the ground, and we got many compliments in our art direction overall. It put us all in a good mood.
After watching Split Side Games presented Fling to the Finish, I knew the judging would be close. They had a well polished game and presented just as well. After the judging and the final decision, I feel like our team was all on the same page that not going wasn’t the end of the world. Sure, it kinda sucks now, but GDC isn’t the only competition in the world. People love our game, and it has potential. It just needs more polish and care before it gets there.

A New Perspective
In the grand scheme of things, of the 38 weeks that is Fall term to Spring term, we are sitting with an awesome product at the 19 week mark. We’re at the half way point, and if we were able to get this far in that much time, just think about what we could have by the Senior showcase.

What went well
The GDC pitch went very well. Despite the minor set backs of the HDMI / Display port issue during the presentation, I think we presented the game excellently. Our presentation was focused and showed the depth of the game concept.
What could have gone better
We could have been selected for GDC, but it’s just the first of many opportunities for us.
Hours (35.5 hrs)
GDC Pitch (2hrs)
GDC Particles (7 hrs)
Presentation/Demo Practice (24.5 hrs)
GDC Reflection (3hrs)

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