Title Screen
I did a bit of work fixing the cloud shader and looking into a small dust particle effect to add more motion into the scene
Win Screen
Gabe, Amy and I started working on the win screen this week. I created the scene and Gabe worked with the lighting. Currently, the four characters stand in front of the blue team spawn structure in a night forest setting. I’m planning on adding banners in the scene to represent which team won, but I’m not sure how that will translate to the other game modes.
Nothing to show here but concepts for the future effect. Over the next few weeks I will be updating some of the particle effects.
- Add Timeline animations
- Add more layers for extra ‘umph’
- Change plus/cross
- Clean up
- Add more eye catching effect
Particles (1hr)
Title Screen (2hrs)
Win Screen (2hrs)
Meetings (1hr)

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