This was the first half of our Sprint B, and I am all over the place. It was a slow week for me as Tyler, Cole and I began looking into the type of feedback we received for pitch 2. We all agreed to put the hill on hold for now until it’s discussed further with the full Design team. In the meantime, I looked into a bit of character scaling and level design. Below are some scale and tilt tests done on a few capsule colliders and character concepts by Amy. I looked into an interesting technique used by The Legend of Zelda on the DS where it’s top down, but still facing the camera because assets are tilted 30 degrees in the scene.
As mentioned above, I also did a bit of level design like Kyle, Kevin and Arden. I essentially created my whiteboard sketch from my PPJ last week. It has more open space too it to allow for more interaction with the players and their abilities. Additionally, the image of the scene below has capsule colliders for the players as another example of tests done for player scaling. The sketch image below the screenshot is a lobby designed to be an interactive waiting zone for players pre-game session.​​​​​​​

What went well:
Level design was pretty straight forward this week. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn’t use the level design asset pack too much. Only for a few of the rock shapes he made. Design meetings went well too. Especially the smaller scale ones where a few of us could identify and plan out an approach to issues with the current game.
What could have gone better:
Git merging. Something got messed up with the merging on Saturday, thus causing an issue that led to the canceling of the playtests. Tyler traced the issue back to my merge, and it left me confused and bummed. I merged my branch back like I had the last few times, but something went wrong. I feel bad for Arden and Kevin. I know that they worked to have play-test 2 happen with their designed levels.
Scale Tests (2 hours)
Level Design (4 hours)
Concept Sketches (2 hours)
Meetings (8 hours)

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