Short post today, but I'm starting a new effect!
With the grass out of the way, I'm moving on with my particle wish list. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on the teleportation effect in Breath of the Wild. Below is my current effect with the in game version on the right:
The timings in my version are off and so are the colors. In the BotW effect, the color of the effect appears to change from a blue to a cyan, rather than just staying one color. It also overlays a texture and not a solid color like I have. Additionally, it has an upward float when the effect begins and all of the particles have some more glow that hides the dissolving mesh beneath. To animate the shader properties I'm using Unity's timeline editor, and the particles are called on in a script. In the next pass, I'll need to look into fading the particle systems rather than turning them off in a jarring manner.

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