This Tech Tuesday is over the course of a busy two weeks. It started off rather productive, but as work for finals piled on, I shifted my priorities away from these side projects. After two weeks however, I do have something to show for my work.

Python in Maya
I started getting into more scripting for Maya at the start of the week. Below is the bit of progress I had with learning from youtube channels that talked about it. Luckily, I know python! I just needed a bit of a refresher on the ins and outs of it. One language I do want to become more familiar with in this experience is Maya's MEL language. Knowing it will be very helpful with my future for sure.
I also got back to tinkering around with the teleportation effect. Updates on this effect include changes to the overall timing of the effects and the fact that I upgraded to a model that resembles a character more (sorry little sphere). I also worked with adding Unity's Post-Processing Stack to the camera to adjust the bloom and color balancing of the effect. It adds a nice touch to the glowing. In the future I'd like to tweak it a bit more to feel smoother. The dissolving of the mesh feels a bit too fast compared to the other parts.
Cloud Particle
I also found time over the two weeks to clean up the ugly circle edge that was present in the MatCap shader. I found out that I hadn't scaled the custom material camera enough, resulting in it catching the edge of the sphere it took as reference. In the video clip below, I zoom into the particle enough to show that the harsh edges are no longer visible. This effect has made it's way into Groundless's title screen and it takes the sky to a whole new level!

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