Imposter Mesh
First I modeled a Hemi-Octahedron mesh that I would use as a the rendering base for my cameras. This mesh style, found on ShaderBits by Ryan Brucks, helps optimize the mesh. The TRIS that make up the mesh are evenly spaced throughout when compared to a sphere, and is better for blending because of the volume of vertices. Additionally, since it's a mesh based on TRIS, I'll only need to blend 3 renders at a single time. 
Mesh in Unity
After modeling the mesh, I imported it to Unity and began scripting ways to instantiate cameras all around the vertices. The results are shown below
Blending images
After having the cameras all take their own render texture, I placed them all in an array and compressed them into a texture atlas. From there I can apply them into a 3-way blend shader like below 
Happy Tuesday!

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