K'NEX® 3D let's you build beyond the instructions as you spin, zoom and pan around your favorite creations! Browse through 3D model builds of every current K'NEX set to check it out, or to get a close up look at an area you're having trouble with!
K'NEX® 3D was my primary assignment when working at K'NEX. I was tasked with designing the interface of the app, as well as the back end functionality. K'NEX® 3D is a mobile app, so to make it work efficiently, I utilized Unity's AssetBundles to store all of the 3D models on the K'NEX server. When a model is needed, it loads it into the app. 
The app is comprised of 5 major screens:
• Main menu: Press start to enter
• Brand menu: Select from a number of current K'NEX brands
• Product menu: Choose a product in that brand
• Model menu: Choose a model in that product
 View scene: View the model in 3D space

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