Character Animation
​​​​​​​The following character was a project I pursued to have a fully modeled humanoid character in 3DS Max, that was rigged and animated in Maya then imported to Unity and hooked up within MechAnim. Below are screenshots in Maya showing the character's rig and some weight painting. There is also a breakdown of a punch animation in Maya that shows the character's rig and center of mass (COM) marker.
Additional Character Rigs
Below are several additional rigs from some shorter game jam projects. The animations aren't too polished, but the rigs I made were effective enough for my models in the time I had. The first two characters were from a defense style game where you control a penguin defending it's nest from attacking seals. I modeled, rigged and animated both characters as well as imported them into Unity and created their controllers for the project.

The next character is a squirrel for an acorn collection game. This was another short project where I modeled, rigged and animated a character. Just like the previous character, I was responsible for importing and setting up the character in Unity.
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