While I worked at K'NEX I started the side project of learning how to use 3DS Max. I started simple and began working on a model from the new DOOM game. Basically I googled DOOM concept art and came across a trash can that I thought be be a nice place to start my work. It took a few days to get used to the program, and overall I had a good time modeling the object. Arrimus3D was a very helpful resource to getting started.
After completing the trash can, I decided to model something from Overwatch for my next challenge. I had recently gotten back into the game and began looking through the models for something I could make. That's when I saw D.Va's side arm and made my decision. I searched around the internet for concepts and orthographics and began my work. In total it took about a week to make, and I even streamed my process on Twitch in Creative. 
In the spring of 2016 I modeled the JabberHäkke-D sidearm from Destiny. I utilized Maya and in game screen shots to model the sidearm. It was a fun weekend project and I hope to do more things like it in the future.

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